Air Conditioning Questions and Answers

Air Conditioning Service Orlando FL.

Did your inside unit stop working?

Check to see if circuit breaker is on.

Is your A/C unit not cooling down as good as before?

Check your filter.

Do you have any hot or cold spots in your house?

Need to check your A/C Ducts.

What is a Float switch ?

A device that protects from water overflowing.

Did the unit outside stop working?

Check your circuit breaker.

Is the thermostat blank?

Check your float switch.

Is the unit outside running but the fan is not ?

May have a bad run capacitor.

Is your circuit breaker tripping?

Call for service there's a short.

Is the inside unit icing up ?

Your evaporator coils maybe dirty.

If your inside unit does not turn off?

You may have a bad board,or relay.